24-Hour Access: Why It’s Important To Your Business

Your small business website provides 24-hour access to the most important details about your business and lets you show off your products and services.

Consumers Are Doing Their Research

NAZwebz Studio | freelance WordPress website designerHave you noticed in your own life, most of your online “shopping” is focused more on researching products, services, and the providers in your area? I know, for me, this is true.

When a situation arises that I need to find a solution for, I go online and start by searching for products or services that will accomplish my goal; then I do a few searches to get an idea of what price range I should expect. Finally, I want to know if there are local resources I can call or visit. Often times, when I can’t sleep until I have my answers.

In other words, I want 24-hour access to small businesses so I can complete my information gathering whenever the need arises.

Recent studies show that roughly 81% of consumers are doing online research prior to making their purchasing decisions.

Your business website gives you the online presence necessary to be found during this critical stage of the shopping process. But does it provide what consumers are looking for?

What Are Customers Looking For?

Today’s consumers are interested in more than just your business’s name, address, and telephone number. That was enough in the days of advertising in the phone book but not anymore.


It isn’t enough to find the product or service, potential customers want to know what it will cost them. Give customers an idea of what to expect when they do business with you. This is true even if you know that a competitor offers something similar for less. Use your website to educate customers about the value they’ll get from you.

If you’re providing services, you may not be able to give a specific price because every job is different but you can offer a “starting at…” estimate.

Testimonials & Reviews

People believe what they hear from other consumers faster than what they read on a small business’s website. Potential customers will be looking at the review sites to see what’s being said about your business. They’ll check social media. They’ll talk to their friends and family. Put the best reviews and testimonials right up front on your website.

Contact Points

Customers will also want to be able to reach out to you for customer service. Make it easy for them to find your customer service phone number and email address. Let them know when they can reach you directly or when to expect a response to email or voicemail. If you can provide a live customer service chat option, that’s even better.

Your small business website can provide outstanding customer service even at odd hours of the night.

In Conclusion

It’s all about giving customers 24-hour access to your business without having to actually keep your physical doors open.


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